XIII International Colloquium
ISEG-Ulisboa 11-13 May 2016

Post-2008 Global Dynamics & Structural Changes: Economic, Political and Eco-Societal Transitions


CEsA (Centre for African, Asian and Latin American Studies), CSG (Research in Social Sciences and Management), a UECE (Research Unit on Complexity and Economics) and ISEG (Lisbon School of Economics and Management), in collaboration with University of Brasilia, World Academy of Art and Science and World University Consortium, will organize a three-day conference on Post-2008 Global Dynamics & Structural Changes: Economic Political and Eco-Societal Transitions.

The recent global financial and economic crisis has underscored the fact that despite significant increases in income and other “development” indicators in many parts of the world in the last fifty years, or so, the appropriate paths to development require serious rethinking. The rapid growth of the financial sector in the global economy has made economies fragile. Increases in inequality seem to be making societies more unjust and unstable. The problem of global warming continues to be major threat for the future.

The XIII Colloquium will discuss about the current international situation, with systemic stresses taking place everywhere, Europe in particular. This context leads us to believe that 2016 may well be a year when (after the Paris meeting) socioeconomic and political transformations will be initiated. The power of international finance and of its associated dominant theoretical apparatus has been instrumental and leading to structural changes worldwide. In addition, the mistaken orientation of general policies of economic management is having a perverse impact on growth and distribution as well as on stability. Although the international crisis starting in 2007 managed to generate some skepticism among decisions makers, politicians and international organizations, the disturbances it created were apparently not powerful enough to inspire another shared vision of positive paradigm change. We hope the 2016 International Colloquium, to take place in Lisbon in early May, will stimulate thought and action on a vision of a sustainable, fair and equitable way to deal with the critical tasks society is facing. We need to examine the root causes of the current challenges and opportunities so as to formulate an integrated and comprehensive strategy towards the promotion of worldwide change to well-being.